Various Treatments

In addition to facials, pedicures, manicures and massage treatments, Beauty Massage Amsterdam offers many more treatments.

We also offer various resin treatments, dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows, plus an extensive back treatment.

Resin Treatments

upper lip€ 12,5015-20 minuten
chin€ 12,5015-20 minuten
upper lip and chin€ 17,0020-30 minuten
cheeks€ 22,0020-30 minuten
upper lip, chin and cheeks€ 26,0030-40 minuten
armpits€ 17,5015-20 minuten
full legs€ 40,0050-60 minuten
thighs€ 25,0020-30 minuten
lower legs€ 25,0020-30 minuten
chest€ 25,0020-30 minuten
back€ 33,5030-40 minuten
back incl. shoulders€ 38,0030-40 minuten


eyelashes€ 20,0030 minutes
eyebrows€ 16,0015-20 minutes
eyelashes and eyebrows€ 33,5030-45 minutes


epilation€ 11,5010 minutes
modelling€ 15,5015-20 minutes

Back Treatment: € 64,00

Clean the back, exfoliate, remove impurities, mask and apply lotion. Treatment of 45 – 60 minutes.